A Dragoness of the End
*Groans* "Okay Dark Phoenix next time watch were you step". *Rolls self over with a pained groan revealing a small but deep wounds Which leaks alot of blood* "Oh I hope my abilities will help me recover from this quickly. *Looks up and spots dragon from before. Moves quickly only to crouch over in pain*. "Agh hopefully this dragon is friendly and not like the first one I met".

Alexis skittered over to the bleeding being and sat down.

"Do you want me to help you, or something?" she asked, "And who is this ”first dragon’?"

"Soon as you're ready, I hope you don't mind dimension hopping. I've heard it can make others quite sick on their first time." ((TVtropes. com, best site ever and you should check it out when bored XD))

"I’ll do my best not to be too sick," she chuckled nervously, "and how does one ‘dimension hop’ anyways?"

Draykan started to count off atrocities on his claws. "Hm, killed others, stolen goods that have led to deaths of others, taken people hostage, and just basically anything you can think of they have done. Anything from arson to jaywalking and beyond." ((Okay that was a reference to a site and I will love you forever if you get it XD))

"Hmm, that’s quite a list," she smiled, "when do we begin?"

((anD OH NO I DO’nt understand the reference unu))

"Alright. What do you have against harming those who have wronged others?" He asked, chuckling. "I know of a place run by bandits and the like."

"It depends what they’ve done. I’ve killed before, and it doesn’t bother me so much anymore."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Perhaps you'd like to come with me exploring? Anything you enjoy doing in particular?"

"I’d love to go exploring with you," she smiled, "And what I enjoy? Hmm, I dunno. I’d be fine doing any adventuring activity."

He smiled a little, glad that she was changing the subject again. "Adventuring and exploring. I really can't stay in one spot, too many memories I guess"

"Heheh, I’ve explored a bit a while ago. It was fun. My own hobbies usually consist of flying and eating. I don’t have much to do where I am." she sighed sadly.

*Looks at Ender dragon from a distance*. "Okay I'm not in any United States Imperial territory. So how did I get here? *Falls down mountain and lands with a thud and passes out from a previous battle wound*.

She stared in horror, and quickly flew down.

*I burn towards your planet and land leaving a small crater of 8x8 feet*. "Ugh where am I last thing I remember I was with the Fighting Dragons". *I look over and spot a black dragoness with what appear to be black, gray, white, and purple feathers near her head. She also has purple eyes and a white underbelly. *I sigh* "I hope I can help the beings that live here at least". *Breaks down crying and slams a fist into a tree shattering it*. "Why am I so alone"?!

I think I know why Endy is gone. It's because of Steve

"Who is Steve?" she growled softly, "Is it a human?"

creep the creeper: you know i never wanted to go to you and ask you questions but the creeper queen told me to do it oh and by the way i was always near you when i started asking you questions in fact right now i'm in the tree next to you

Alexis peered to the tree beside her.

"Who is this ‘Creeper Queen’?"